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Work In Progress

Activities occurring on current development branch (

Core Engine:
     - None

     - An new workload configuration UI is in draft, which could help generate a bunch of workloads through UI, e.g., to stress target cloud storage system with different workers.

     - The initial cdmi supporting is submitted, it includes a few bundles:
                - Cdmi-util: provides one cdmi json stream for data generation.
                - Cdmi-base: one base cdmi adapter, other cdmi flavor like scality could develop on it
                - Cdmi-swift: one adapter which could work with swift through cdmi middleware (
                - Httpauth: which is the support of http standard BASIC/DIGEST authentication.
     - sample configuration files are provided in conf/cdmi-base-sample.xml and conf/cdmi-swift-sample.xml

Stay tuned!