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How to setup debugging enviornment


Debugging Environment

COSBench includes a few OSGi bundle projects, and there are two major executables, one is COSBench Controller, another is COSBench Driver.
To debug both executables, a few special settings are required.

1. COSBench Controller

        1.1 The major bundle project is "cosbench-web-controller".
        1.2 Right click on the project, and select "Run As"\"Run Configuration...".
        1.3 In "Run Configuration" window, right click on "OSGi Framework" and select "New" to create an new configuration with name "controller".
        1.4 In "Bundles" tab, there are a few parameters can set, the settings depend on the file "release\conf\.controller\config.ini" in github repository.
        1.5 At the header, make changes as following:
                "Default Start level:" = 8
                "Default Auto-Start:" = true
        1.6 At the bundle table, for each bundle, there are two parameters: "Start Level" and "Auto-Start". The information can get from "osgi.bundles" parameter in config.ini.
                "libs/com.springsource.freemarker-2.3.15.jar@2\:start" means the freemarker bundle will be with "Start Level" = 2 and "Auto-Start" = true.
        1.7 Some bundles may not set the two parameters, like "com.springsource.apache.coyote". in this case, just let it be.
        Ensure below two system bundles are checked: **org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.2.0.v20110502.jar**, **org.eclipse.osgi-3.7.0.v20110613.jar**
        1.8 After configured bundle part, the next step is to configure "Arguments" tab, here is the settings:
                > program arguments: -os ${target.os} -ws ${} -arch ${target.arch} -nl ${} -consoleLog -console
                > vm arguments: -Xms40m -Xmx512m -Declipse.ignoreApp=true -Dosgi.noShutdown=true -Dosgi.startLevel=8 -Dcosbench.tomcat.config=./conf/controller-tomcat-server.xml
                > working directory: ${ROOT}/release
        1.9 There are two parameter pairs are added beside default, one is **osgi.startLevel** which tells framework the start level, another is **cosbench.tomcat.config** which indicates where to find the tomcat configuration file.
        1.10 Making one sub folder called "plugins" in "dist\osgi" folder, and copy **org.eclipse.osgi-3.7.0.v20110613.jar** into "plugins" folder, then refresh all bundle projects, now there should no error marks on each project.
        1.11 Running the project should see messages as below on eclipse console window:
                osgi> Persistence bundle starting...
                Persistence bundle started.
                !!! Service will listen on web port: 19088 !!!
2. COSBench Driver

        1.1 The major bundle project is "cosbench-driver-web".
        1.2 The configuration is similar to that for COSBench Controller, and the bundle dependency information can be extracted from "release\conf\.driver\config.ini".