COSBench version 0.4.2 RC4 has been released

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COSBench version 0.4.2 RC4 has been released

The binary package can be downloaded from

Below new adaptors are added:

- Google Cloud Storage (cosbench-gcs)
- Joyent Manta (cosbench-manta)
- OpenIo (cosbench-openio)

Issues fixed:
#318 contents of driver.conf file is getting overwritten after starting cosbench driver script
#316 COSBench On RHEL 7.0
#314 Controller does't close socket
#306 Creating large number of files.
#304 Balloons associated to icons in perf graphs are not translated
#302 Assistance In Configuring Worlkload
#300 Ncat conneciton refused
#295 Failed to connect to the Ceph cluster
#291 how can i change the default auth and storage in the config web page ?
#285 cosbench-0.5.0 and cosbench-master can not start
#284 s3 https can not work correct in 0.4.2.c3