COSBench version has been released.

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COSBench version has been released.

The latest binary/source packages could be downloaded from here. If any issues, please report into github issues.

. #214: ceph prepare stage very low success ratio and throwing erros
. #211: SwiftTokenCache needs to validate current token is valid
. #203: the driver "isAlive" status is green even the driver is not started
. #198: in v0.4.0.0, it seems the AFR doesn't take in effect in prepare stage
. #191: cosbench-start.sh fails while executing 'nc': TOOL_PARAMS is incorrect.
. #190: Config UI: Add detail to cleanup/dispose stage names
. #186: UI: Add detail to init and prepare stage names
. #178: Collect and view results for user-terminated jobs
. #159: Extend "histogram" selector to support "floating point" weights/percentages
. #156: Add "trigger" support
. #154: Add authentication caching support
. #147: UI: Advanced config UI Cleanup (part 1)
. #146: UI: Add tooltips to configurable params on the config UI
. #145: UI: Change storage url template depending on the storage type chosen
. #32: digest authentication support
. #29: Error handling improvement
. #19: Support LIST Api
. #12: after several hours running, cosbench's banners all disappear.