COSBench job never finishes

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COSBench job never finishes


I am trying to test a scenario where there is a burst of write operations for a small duration

config xml file looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<workload name="sample-test" description="Testing write burst">
  <storage type="s3" config="accesskey=tnzhVwfAU7eAgpuJi;secretkey=AHSUYCloTXPWxBAk4m8Ovlm4MCCRJfgP1H8eu;endpoint=<a href=";">" />

    <workstage name="init">
      <work type="init" workers="1" config="cprefix=1g-sample-bucket;containers=r(1,1)" />

    <workstage name="main">
      <work name="main" type="normal" workers="1000" division="object" interval="5" runtime="60">
        <operation type="write" ratio="100" config="cprefix=1g-sample-bucket;containers=u(1,1);objects=r(1,6000000);sizes=c(1)GB" />

This job will start fine and keep ingesting objects for 60 seconds.
After 60 seconds it will stop ingesting but the controller keeps the job in "Running" status. I had waited for a really long time for it to get settle down but it marked the job as completed.

I checked the logs/system.log and also mission logs but couldn't find any information about why it is stuck.
I see thousands of blank snapshots.

Is there any issue in the config.xml file ? i.r. COSBench is trying to create 6Million objects each of size 1GB even after 60 seconds ?

My intention is to create a job which will run for 24 hours, I dont care how many write operations it sends.
I believe "runtime" as termination condition should work here but what number should I put in "objects" ?